Why Seaquest Medical


Seaquest Medical brings you the latest healthcare solutions to enhance safety, well-being, efficiency and cost savings across the health industry. With over 30 years of industry experience with established partners, Seaquest Medical is now the leading international provider of groundbreaking clinic furniture, medical storage systems and safety solutions with exclusive access to integrated Pharmashelve systems, modular clinic furniture, and KAG Safety Rail.

Our products are intelligently designed and customized to meet your needs and provide you with ultimate flexibility in the workplace and enhance overall well being.

Seaquest Medical’s main focus is to meet the requirements of the hospitals for high quality and reliable products through the most efficient service. We cater to all governmental, semi-governmental and private in-patient hospitals and centers. In addition to hospitals, we extend our services to our customers in various segments in the medical markets and non-medical markets: clinic & polyclinics, independent and chain pharmacies, supermarkets, groceries & wholesale, department stores and bookshops.

To ensure our continued leadership in providing cutting-edge medical infrastructure and safety solutions, Seaquest Medical is committed to providing a constant stream of innovative new products to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Seaquest is proud to fulfill the following:

  • HSA screened products
  • Designed to meet Occupational Health & Safety Standards
  • ISO accredited
  • Safe and On-time Delivery