Healthcare Information and Management Systems


What Seaquest Medical can do

We offer highly integrated healthcare information and management systems, transforming and ultimately, enhancing, healthcare through excellence in technology. Our IT professionals design and oversee the performance of the clinic, business and healthcare analytics systems of healthcare institutions. We optimise IT resources across the public and private healthcare sector to maximise synergies from shared systems and ensure cost-effective healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.

Seaquest Medical is partnered with PinnacleInfo Systems, whose professional expertise in healthcare information and management systems, has been employed to great success in local hospital projects in Singapore.

Seaquest Medical’s Healthcare Information and Management System includes integrated applications that will help you accomplish your organisation’s mission in the following functional areas:


We look forward to enhancing the healthcare of your medical institution in the area of HIMS. Please consider Seaquest Medical in the following areas:

Patient Administration
Theatre Management
Out-Patient Management
In-Patient Management
Central Store
Diet Kitchen
Patient Medical Records
Ward Administration
Nursing Administration
Bio-Medical Management
Blood Bank

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